A simple survey was conducted by Davao Reader from 7 Biggest Employers in the locality to see what are the top 5 Universities in Davao City they most prefer. Though the survey is not scientifically conclusive, these companies (preferring to be anonymous) named and ranked 5 universities which they usually prefer. Narrowing down the survey, the respondents from Davao Companies were verified to be migrants of Davao City and having finished their college education outside of Davao. Moreover, the team from Davao Reader made sure that they have not graduated (nor came) from affiliate schools that they chose.

Here are the Top 5 Universities of Davao City (Ranked from the 5th to the No.1):

*Also included are common reasons why they are top choices of Davao Companies.*


TOP 5:  University of Immaculate Conception (UIC)

UIC Annex

CONTACT INFO: (82) 221.80.90 |

Popularly known in the past as the school of the “Pink Laides”, the University of Immaculate Conception (UIC) has come a long way in providing many Dabawenyos good education. They are committed with one of their strongest Mission: To serve with Humility and Love. Most Davao Companies find their employees who are graduates from UIC as humble and hard-working; never hesitating to take challenges in the workplace. In the past years, this university had faced many challenges in keeping up with the standards of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). They made a strong come-back after they implemented necessary physical renovations (cake-colored buildings and other modern facilities) and strengthening different aspects of their school towards providing better education. Now, one can truly say that UIC shall be delivering a new game play as an educational institution from their Grade School down to their Graduate Programs.

TOP 4: University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP/USP)

CONTACT: (082) 255 4696 |

Quality and Affordable education for all Dabawenyos. University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) have two main campuses in DavaoCity , one in Bo. Obrero and the other located in Mintal. A lot of great and humble minds studying here for the education is way affordable compared to other universities. The school can surely use more facilities and physical development for the students but these were not deterrents for USEP products to excel in their fields and still be one of the top choices of the companies in Davao City. One important strength of the University of Southeastern Philippines is the fact that most of their programs take part in addressing the need for Good Governance, most especially in the locality. Their students are engaged to take part in Socio-Civic Activities as well as participate in local government initiatives. Their academic programs are being patronized by many people in and out of Davao City. Academic Programs of USEP are comprehensive as well as far-reaching.

TOP 3: University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPM)

Not needing further introduction, UP is a brand in itself which stands up for the name. Although at its infancy, started operation during the year 1999, the school is catching up with other universities in most if not all academic standards in the locality. UP Mindanao (often misinterpreted as UP Mintal) promotes a strong sense of nationalism among the members of its academe as well as the rigid emphasis on academic and intellectual cultivation. The grassy landscape and ever popular Oblation illuminates the consciousness of the academic community which has a highly western framework. University of the Philippines, though 3rd in this ranking , has a sure shot of climbing up the ladder in the coming years. The Academic Programs  of UP Mindanao are still limited but is undoubtedly breaking ground. It’s Anthropology program, for one, takes part in furthering understanding the local cultures, tribes, and other anthropological issues in Mindanao. The path of UP Mindanao, is one of striving for excellence, strong sense of nationalism and community involvement. Most companies in Davao prefer UP Graduates because of their strong sense of nationalism and value for academic excellence.

TOP 2: University of Mindanao (UM)

The school that popularized, “Ga” over the airwaves. Their “Ga” radio Ad stamped a mark on all people who cared to listen; the Davao Reader Survey Team was not able to meet “Ga” in person, unfortunately… Ever aggressive in their marketing, University of Mindanao has two major campuses in Davao City (Bolton and Matina) which are funneling students who want to study  in the school’s undergraduate, graduate program and their College of Law. Their facilities are up-to-date and faculty development programs are always strong which makes classroom instruction and training truly effective. Currently, the UM Law Program has many Law Professors who have established a long and quality reputation in the legal field in Davao City. It’s always the interest of this University to meet the academic demands of the changing times. Companies in Davao City always sees that University of Mindanao always has a standard which all other school can reckon with. Here are the Downloadable Prospectus of the Respective Programs of University of Mindanao.

TOP 1: Ateneo de Davao Univeristy (AdDU)

Davao Reader Ateneo de Davao University

CONTACT: 63 (82) 221.2411 |

Ateneo de Davao University has made a mark by letting the name and, most importantly, the product speak for itself. Beyond the edifice which is one of the most noticeable landmark in Davao City is the strength of the Ignatian spirituality in every Ateneo School. It has produced countless Board and Bar top-notchers, Successful Businessmen and Public Servants and countless more in other fields. It seems this university has always delivered the “cream of the crop”. It has been always a benchmark for many if not all companies in Davao City. Language proficiency, training, delivery and execution every Ateneo product makes a mark that all other emulate or envy. It’s not all achievement which Ateneo de Davao University stands for but as well as a their strength in it Socio-Civic Advocacies. Last 2012, the university and all its members has given up many blessings for the assistance of the “Pablo” victims. This university has strengths, not only in it physical grandeur nor achievements of this educational institution but most importantly in the formation of the human person which is core of Ateneo-Jesuit Educational System.


Some pictures here are borrowed and were not claimed as Davao Reader’s Own Pictures.

The article is highly opinionated and may be inaccurate because the simple survey was not done scientifically and thoroughly.

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